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Inner- scape 2017  by InJung Oh

By merging layers of East and West, Oh creates abstract expressionistic “Inner-scapes,” a psychological and spiritual space where Oh slows down to block out the chaos of the external world and focuses on the inner self. In manifesting her inner landscape, Oh encourages others to connect with and experience their inner-scape.

Leaves of Life series (2007-2017) by InJung Oh

Oh uses her breath to control oil paint on a canvas surface, referencing traditional Asian ink painting with her blowing technique. Oh pauses and releases her breath to create oil marks of blowing leaves in abstract landscapes, and natural elements such as botanics and horizons.

Canvas Sculptural Painting (2015-2017) by InJung Oh

The sculptural canvas series are paintings made out of canvas with various mediums. I am interested in the materials and started to make them in 2015. I further developed the ideas through the Center Program 2016 at the Hyde Park Art Center. This was a brand new direction from my Volossom paintings of previous years. I am starting to see the possibility of the canvas’s space, shape, and form. I deal with the energy and power towards culture, society, and gender. I love how the canvas surface explodes, transforms, and escapes to take a three dimensional physical form of its own. My series of canvas studies investigate the possibility of freezing transitory moments between stillness and movement, as well as painting and sculpture. These visually captivating forms merge East, West, and the body as part of a laborious process with chance, gravity, and the unconscious.