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“Art is one of the most precious objects that feeds our lives, and that we need to feed off of art to balance life.”- InJung Oh

The contemporary art space, where multiple media of creative collaborations exhibit through arts and designs. Storefront located in Bridgeport, Chicago, USA.



adjective: volossom
Blossom as manifestation of wish or will,

noun: volossom; plural noun: volossom
wish and will flower, elements to fulfill your inner self

A place or stage where one’s wish and will manifest

verb: volossom
Will to grow, Will to fulfill your inner self and it’s existence

the prefix “vol,” rooted in the Latin word voluntas (to will), anchors the term to intentionality and aspiration, while “blossom” is a kind of energetic automatism, bringing to mind self-precipitating forms found in nature.


Volossom = Consistent action + Optimism + Will power



The visual artist, InJung Oh, found Volossom while she was a student at the The School of the Art Institute of Chicago back in 2004. Oh had a vision of her wearing a HanBok, a traditional Korean dress. Oh appeared as a Giant Red Flower floating in the sky and was filled with a powerful energy to chart her own path. Based on this vision, Oh has created and coined the word Volossom meaning a Manifestation of Wish or Will. Volossom story develops into a multifaceted art space from its iconic image of opening up body & shape; a leg as stamen and upside down skirt as pedal.